About Paragliding

Paragliding is the simplest and purest form of aviation using a non-powered inflated wing to launch from hillsides and mountain slopes.

Paragliders can be foot launched, winched launched, or be flown with a strap-on motor making paragliding very versatile. Paragliding is fun, affordable, convenient, sociable, competitive and safe!

A paraglider is a flexible, inflatable, ultra light gliding wing, not a parachute, but a genuine aircraft wing in every sense of the word. The pilot inflates the glider, raises it above his head and ensures that it is fully open before taking off from any suitable slope. We do not "jump" off mountains, but run down a slope in order to get airborne; using the slope exactly like a regular aircraft uses a runway. The pilot then uses a combination of ridge lift and thermic lift to stay aloft, and can choose to land at the bottom of the very same hill or mountain, and sometimes cover vast distances.

Like no other aviation sport, paragliding easily combines the excitement of flight with simple and cost-free preparation. To fly a paraglider is a thrill beyond belief, and will give you many hours of enjoyment beyond your wildest imagination. Finally, a fun adventure sport has arrived that does not require the participant to be a bird.
Taking off from a simple hilltop or a mountain, pilots have been able to achieve remarkable flights, causing shock waves to ripple through the rest of the aviation sport community. The World Distance Record now stands at an incredible 502.2 km, and the Endurance Record at over 13 hours.

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