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The protection of your data forms is one of our chief targets. In this respect, we aim to provide you with an online facility that is both easy to use and meets the rights and expectations of our applicants and employers – also referred to as clients - and other visitors to our website. These privacy policy guidelines specify how store, use and protect the data you provide when you use our website.

The need for personal data
Personal data, i.e. information which identifies an individual person or which could be used to identify an individual person, will not be collected without your prior knowledge. Personal data is actually not required to gain access to our website.

However, provides contact details upon request to interested individuals by means of a special online form, by telephone or by post. Personal data will therefore be collected for the purposes of responding to such enquiries.

Similarly, the collection of personal data relating to our clients may also be necessary in order to provide access to the client-only section of our website and to enable people to work on the ‘Job Vacancies’ and ‘Candidate Profile’ areas.

Data collected
We collect two kinds of data about you:
1. Data that you send to us yourself
2. Data that is automatically collected by the website

Data provided by you
When we ask you to provide information in contact forms or in any other types of online forms, such data is intended solely for the following 3 reasons:
1. To express your interest in our services and offerings
2. To be able to work on your ‘Job vacancies’ and ‘candidate profiles’ listings
3. To enable us to have contact with you
Our contact forms ask for some basic data including contact information (e.g. name, address, telephone number, email address) to enable us to process your enquiry. Our forms also contain some optional fields where you can enter any additional information about yourself to help us provide you with a better level of service.

If you have asked us to send you some information about our services or offers, you may at any time contact us by email and refuse to receive any such information.

In order to access our private online services, you will need a unique username and password. In order to set these up, we will need to collect personal data about you. Since this service is reserved solely for our clients you will not receive the log-in information until an agreement has been signed. Your contract with us contains additional information about how and where data is collected.

Data which is collected automatically on our website
When you visit our website our provider checks your IP address (i.e. the internet address of your computer, not your email address) and all other user data in order to establish which part of the website you are visiting and how long you stay there. This data is then merged with the data relating to all users of the website in order to establish the total number of visitors to the site, how long they stay there and which pages they visit, etc.

We use this combined data to help us decide which products, services or news items we should publish on the site, and also to measure the effectiveness of the site and to make any improvements to its content.

The data which we collect is then made anonymous and used for internal purposes only. Under no circumstances will the user data relating to our website be linked with any personal data containing information about you. Any direct reference to you personally is therefore not possible.

Email communication
We use email for our services or in connection with your enquiries. In such cases, we retain your email address on our files.

Use of data
We only use personal data for the following purposes:
• To fulfil your contracts
• To process your enquiries regarding services offered by
• To improve our ability to help you when you have an enquiry or need
• To make contact with you when you have requested us to do so
When you give us your email address or other contact data, we will ask you whether we can use this data to provide you with updates about our latest services. If you don’t want us to contact you, you can indicate this and will act in accordance with your wishes. If you do not object to the transmission of information, we will use the data which you have given us to let you know about any new services that may be of interest to you.

Whichever option you choose, you are free at any time to ask that no more information about services should be sent to you. You can do this simply by indicating your wishes within the appropriate email. Any email offers which you receive from will clearly indicate how you can unsubscribe from any further emails.

Exchange of data with third-parties
It is part of the company policy of that no personal data relating to the users of our website shall be passed to any third party without special permission unless there is a legal obligation to do so. We do not sell any user names or email addresses to other companies involved in sending out unsolicited advertising or mail.

We will only send your data to third parties, where this is necessary to fulfil your contract with us. Should we need to send your details to a third party in order to fulfil your contract, we will do so unless instructed otherwise.

We will not pass any of your personal details to a third party or use them to process your enquiries without your express permission.

Data will only be passed on in order to fulfil your contract or to process an enquiry.

Deletion of personal data
It is possible on the website for users on the database to delete or deactivate their personal details permanently. But we would be happy to do this for you if requested. If you would like us to permanently deactivate or delete your personal details or you would like your name taken off one of our mailing lists, please send an email to following address:


Security and encryption protects the data it collects from its clients by password-protected storage and so-called ‘firewall-protected’ servers of external companies which use encryption technology to protect them against unauthorised access. These companies keep their security systems completely up-to-date. Particularly sensitive client data is stored on servers that cannot be accessed via the Internet.

Because of the nature of the Internet, absolute security cannot be guaranteed. However, continually strives to offer you a safe environment. But, like other companies, we are unable to have any control over what computers you actually use, and are therefore unable to offer absolute security relating to any information transmitted online.

For this reason it is important that you take every possible precaution to protect your own data whilst you are on the internet. At the very least you should you should change your personal password frequently using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. You should also ensure that your computer has the latest security updates. Use a safe browser to surf the internet.

This website contains links to other websites. Some of these websites often use logos and brand names but are actually handled by independent third-parties. This should be indicated on the respective internet site or in the conditions of use or data protection policies (‘Privacy Policies’). has no control over the content or operation of third-party websites and is not responsible for supplying services or products that have been ordered via these sites. Nor is the company responsible for any privacy policies pertaining to these websites or for any data which is intentionally or automatically collected by them. Should you have any problems or queries in connection with third-party websites, we would ask that you direct these to the third-party sites and not to send them to

Privacy policy, conditions of use and contract conditions
The privacy policy applies along with the conditions of use and contract conditions (terms of use). All these conditions together govern the use of this site.

Updating of privacy policy may update the privacy policy from time to time. Such changes will be notified on the website. Should you have any queries or observations regarding these guidelines, please contact us by email or telephone.

How does protect minors?
The website does not contain any content which could threaten or endanger the safety and the rights of minors. Since the protection of minors is very important to us, we will not send any advertising material to minors insofar as their age is known to us.

Validity of privacy policy
The use of this website is in line with the requirements of the privacy policy. We reserve the right to change, extend or modify the privacy policy at any time.

Changes will be notified on the website
Please check our website at regular intervals for any changes.

Contact person for questions or requests for information
Should you have any questions, complaints or require information in connection with our privacy policy declaration and how your personal details are used, you can write to our following address:
Ayman Hassan & Amir Tawfik
Al Mohandes - El Salam St. - Al Dahar
Hurghada - Red Sea - Egypt

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